One common reason for the failure of long-time marriages is infidelity. When spouses wander it can be a sign of other problems in an unraveling marriage that would otherwise be headed for divorce.

Six months ago, Georgia residents may remember reading about an indiscretion between Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart. The actress, famed for her role playing Bella in The Twilight Saga, was working with the 42-year-old director on the set of “Snow White and the Huntsman” when they grew close together.

Despite the 22-year-old Stewart having been involved in a committed relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson at the time, Stewart was caught by paparazzi in the act of kissing Sanders.

While Stewart and Pattinson have since been able to mend their relationship, Sanders who has been married for the past ten years was not.

Sanders’ wife is Liberty Ross, a former top London fashion model.

After her husband was initially caught in the extra-marital relationship with Stewart, she may have tried to continue to work things out in her marriage for the children’s sake. Together they have two sons, ages seven and five.

Fast forward six months, and Ross and Sanders have been unable to reconcile. Unhappy even before the cheating scandal broke news, Ross is now hoping to move on with her life. Ross and Sanders have mutually agreed that the marriage could not be mended, and that divorce was their best route.

Both Ross and Sanders are seeking joint custody of their two boys. Ross is also seeking spousal support and attorney’s fees. Sanders has not requested spousal support in this high-end divorce.

Source: US Weekly, “Exclusive: Liberty Ross Asks Rupert Sanders for a Divorce: What Went Wrong,” Jan. 29, 2013