It may seem ironic that the month in which Valentine’s Day is also the month in which the highest number of divorces are filed, but some people within the family law field believe that the holiday itself may be a cause for the spike in divorces. For anyone in Atlanta whose Valentine’s Day confirmed that his or her marriage is all but over, this may come as no surprise.

Imagine preparing an elaborate Valentine’s Day celebration for you and your spouse in an attempt to smooth over some rough patches that have been plaguing your marriage for the past few months. You spend a considerable amount of time, thought and money to try and create the perfect Valentine’s Day. In return, your spouse is indifferent to the whole surprise or, worse, criticizes you for wasting time. For many people in Georgia and across the country, this is exactly what happened last week.

For being the shortest month of the year, there are 18 percent more divorce filings in February than the average month. In addition, there is a 38 percent increase in people looking for information on divorce following Valentine’s Day; Feb. 15 has the largest increase.

Others say that the holiday has little to do with the higher-than-average divorce filings. As January has the highest number of bankruptcy filings, some family law professionals believe that money problems exposed during bankruptcy proceedings could be a contributing factor to February’s divorce spike.

Whatever the reason for the large number of divorces in February, anyone in Georgia who finds him- or herself dealing with a divorce this month may wish to consult a family law attorney to walk through the various aspects of separation and divorce.

Source: CNN Money, “Day after Valentine’s kicks off divorce season,” Chris Isidore, Feb. 15, 2013