Over 10 years ago, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were married. For celebrities, that could be considered a long time, and under some states’ laws, it would mean Kobe would owe Vanessa lifelong spousal support if they were ever to divorce. Well, shortly after their 10-year anniversary, Vanessa filed for divorce. What the issues were that led to such a move are still unclear and will likely be kept private, but it seems the Bryants have been able to move past it all and are now ending their divorce proceedings. Kobe will not have to pay Vanessa alimony after all.

With his status as one of the premier players for the NBA, it is no surprise to people in Marietta that he makes a lot of money each year. In fact, Forbes has said that he makes approximately $53.2 million a year for his work on the court and the numerous publicity work and endorsements he has done. This large income would have meant, however, that if he had gotten a divorce, that he would have been paying a lot of money in alimony.

It has been estimated that Kobe would have had to pay Vanessa around $1 million each month until her death if the couple had divorced. Because of the length of their marriage and the huge disparity in earning potential, the $1 million would serve as a way to lessen the financial impact the divorce would have had on Vanessa.

Spousal support has had a long history in Georgia, and the reasoning behind spousal-support payments is fairly universal across the country. Traditionally, when a man and woman divorced, the woman would have no means of income, or the money she did have access to would be substantially less than that of her ex-husband. In order to protect women who would otherwise be left destitute following a divorce, courts would require that husbands pay their ex-wives a certain amount of money to help support them and reduce the financial strain following divorce.

Though alimony is now gender-neutral, the concept is fairly similar: the money is used to make the transition into a single life with substantially less income easier.

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