Baby boomers in Georgia have long been defying societal norms and expectations. It turns out that, for many in this senior segment of the population, their new vision for their lives includes a divorce after decades of marriage.

Statistics point to a boomer divorce rate in the U.S. that has doubled over the last two decades, while the general divorce rate has declined.

There may also be differences between so-called grey divorces and divorces between couples who are under the age of 50.

Divorcing boomer spouses may be better off financially than their younger counterparts, and can afford to split and live separately. There may be more at stake when deciding a financial settlement and spousal support, however, leading to increased contentiousness. Both the spouse who hasn’t worked in years and who has less ability to earn and the spouse who may be looking at retirement soon know that the assets they leave the marriage with could be what they will be living on for the rest of their lives.

When there are children in the picture, they are usually in high school or older. Divorcing parents squabble less about issues related to child support and custody with older children, and the children have more of a say in parenting arrangements.

Finally, the emotional impact of a boomer divorce may be greater than in a younger couple’s divorce. Sometimes spouses just grow apart, but infidelity also is high on the list of the reasons boomers divorce. A spouse who has been cheated on can feel emotionally devastated, and it takes some work to be able to move through the divorce and on with his or her life.

A lawyer with experience with these family law issues can help divorcing Georgia boomers through the divorce process and to prepare for a new future.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Is Grey Divorce A New Baby Boomer Rite of Passage?” Lisa Helfend Meyer, Dec. 16, 2013

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