As dating and marriage across countries becomes easier thanks to technology, the rate of couples with marriages involving dual citizenship is increasing.

While divorce can be a challenging process for spouses who are both from Georgia, divorce dealing with two countries poses a larger issue. Assets, finances and other details in marriage may be relatively easy to divide, but children and child custody are not easily split between parents living in different countries. Therefore, it may be beneficial for couples to understand and familiarize themselves with divorce laws in other countries.

If couples are living abroad and feel like they want to end their marriage, men and women’s rights not be the same in every country. In addition, some countries may treat divorcing couples differently and issues including child custody, division of assets, alimony and others may be decidedly different than in the United States. Because of this, the process can create added stress and can even take longer than what the couple may have expected.

Couples who seek divorce while living in another country can rest assured the United States generally recognizes the split, but some states will not recognize a foreign divorce decree if the couple lives primarily in the United States.

To help with the process, which can be confusing for spouses, experienced lawyers can help explain the subtle nuances between foreign and Georgia divorce laws. Ultimately, it is important that couples in dual-citizenship marriages keep themselves abreast of all relevant family laws that could potentially affect their divorces.

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