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January 2013 Archives

Skinny Girl mogul's divorce appears headed for a custody battle

Although news of a celebrity couple headed for divorce court is well nothing new to many Georgians, not all divorces involving famous people are contentious or contested. Take Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce, for example. But that does not appear to be the case however for Bethany Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy. In an earlier post we reported the couple's pending divorce, however now Hoppy recently filed his own divorce papers in response to Frankel's filing just a few weeks prior.

Workplace discrimination tough for involved dads

No matter how many laws are passed in Georgia or how many lawsuits have been won, discrimination in Atlanta workplaces still goes on. Yet while women have traditionally been the ones speaking out against lower wages for the same work and other discriminatory practices, men who feel discriminated against in the workplace are starting to speak out more.

Vanessa Bryant would have received $1 million a month in alimony

Over 10 years ago, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were married. For celebrities, that could be considered a long time, and under some states' laws, it would mean Kobe would owe Vanessa lifelong spousal support if they were ever to divorce. Well, shortly after their 10-year anniversary, Vanessa filed for divorce. What the issues were that led to such a move are still unclear and will likely be kept private, but it seems the Bryants have been able to move past it all and are now ending their divorce proceedings. Kobe will not have to pay Vanessa alimony after all.

Grandparents leave state with boy, mother finds him 19 years later

It is understandable that child custody issues are some of the most sensitive aspects of divorce. Few parents in Marietta want to lose contact with their children and the thought of spending drastically less time with them pushes many parents to fight hard for custody. In rare situations, Georgia child custody disputes won't be between mothers and fathers, but between one parent and grandparents, but like other custody battles, grandparents are eager to keep custody of their grandchildren.

Grey divorce is on the rise as baby boomers redefine themselves

Baby boomers in Georgia have long been defying societal norms and expectations. It turns out that, for many in this senior segment of the population, their new vision for their lives includes a divorce after decades of marriage.

"Real Housewife," SkinnyGirl Bethenny Frankel ends marriage

Atlanta viewers of the "Real Housewives" franchise may remember Bethenny Frankel, the woman behind the SkinnyGirl brand. She and her husband of over two years were documented on the reality television show, as well as several others, as a happy couple. Now that the limelight has faded somewhat, the SkinnyGirl mogul and former Housewife has filed for divorce from her husband.

Former Atlanta Braves star Andruw Jones to divorce

Former Atlanta Braves superstar Andruw Jones was recently served divorce papers from his wife of 10 years. The 35-year-old outfielder may not have been all that surprised by the divorce filing, as he was arrested Christmas morning at his Duluth, Georgia, home on charges of domestic violence against his wife, Nicole Jones.

Child support in the midst of in vitro fertilization

For most families in Georgia, child support is relatively easy: if the parents of a child divorce, the noncustodial parent will need to pay the custodial parent some of his or her income for the care of the child. In some situations, however, things are a little more complex and attitudes are a little more divided on who should be paying child support. For example, can a sperm donor be forced to pay? One state is trying to say "yes."

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