Like any Atlanta resident, when Usher and his wife divorced in 2009, the couple needed to determine what they were going to do with the marital property. As Georgia requires that any property acquired during the course of a marriage to be divided equitably among divorcing spouses, divorce settlements can get tricky as husbands and wives try to negotiate who gets what, what is really an equitable division and the cost of the property to be divided. For superstars like Usher, it can get even more complicated.

As part of the 2009 settlement, Usher retained a $3 million mansion in Atlanta, but he also allowed his ex-wife to remain in the home. The settlement said that Usher was allowed to put the home on the market at any point, but that he would need to give his former wife 60 days notice before attempting to sell it. It seems that her time is up, however, as Usher has complied with the 60-day notice.

Though the details of their settlement are not known, if Usher is allowed to keep the money from this expected home sale, it is likely that his ex has also received a considerable amount of former property or money as part of the divorce settlement. While his ex is a former stylist and he is a multimillion dollar recording artist, their divorce settlement still needed to comply with Georgia’s rules on equitable division.

It can be difficult for two people with a large income gap to divorce, as questions of whether purchases and income are truly shared arise. For some, this means signing a prenuptial agreement prior to walking down the aisle. Others may only seek legal advice as their marriages end, trying to find a way to ensure that they get what they get what they deserve following the divorce. Regardless of income, however, property division can be complex and difficult to handle alone.

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