When celebrities divorce in Georgia, one of the issues that may be relatively more complex will be the division of the marital assets. This is typically because individuals with a high net-worth have substantial and valuable assets that will be the subject of division.

For example, Cal Worthington is a minor celebrity well-known mostly on the west coast for his multi-million dollar car dealership chain and his quirky radio and television advertisements.

Worthington is now 92-years-old. He was married last year to a 41-year-old singer from Iceland. Despite the significant age difference, the couple spent eight months together after being married. However in the same year, Worthington’s young wife filed for divorce.

Perhaps Worthington had a suspicion concerning his wife’s motives for marrying him, or perhaps he was simply trying to protect himself and his assets, but he requested that his wife sign a prenuptial agreement before they were married. According to the terms of that agreement, she would only be entitled to $30,000 in spousal support in the event that they were to divorce.

Despite this agreement in place, Worthington’s ex-wife hoped to divide the value of their $3 million home Worthington purchased during their marriage.

The judge may have decided that the prenuptial agreement was not validly executed, or that it did not speak to the value of their marital home, which may explain why the judge ruled that the value of the home and furnishings should be equally divided between the two after the mortgage is paid off.

Also noteworthy, is that Worthington claimed that his ex-wife diverted more than $200,000 from his bank account during their short nuptials. Though he never placed any restrictions on her use of the bank account, he says that she should not have taken this money without his consent. On this issue, the judge ruled in his favor such that this money will be deducted from any amounts that she is entitled to from the sale of their home.

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