The widely reported tragic events of the shootings at Newtown most likely will have an impact on divorcing parents in Georgia, as well as their children. One of the aspects of the life of the gunman was that he was a child of a divorce. Reportedly, he had been raised by his single mother, and was living with her up until the time of their deaths. While his motives for the shootings remain convoluted, his first victim was his mother.

Despite Georgia parent’s best efforts at determining what is in the best interests of their children, at a time like this it is important to realize that children may feel especially vulnerable considering the facts of these events.

Could a child of a divorce who lives with a single parent relate to these tragic events? Possibly, especially if they feel responsible for the break-up of their parent’s marriage, as is typical.

Keep in mind that every child and every situation will be different. Second-hand trauma from the media is a real possibility, even for those living far away from Connecticut in Georgia.

Some children, especially younger ones, may need to have their media exposure closely monitored. Older children may need to discuss the deeper questions surrounding these events. It may also be that in the midst of working through these difficulties, children may have sleep disturbances and may fear leaving one parents home to go to another’s.

There may prove to be many other opportunities for divorced or divorcing parents to work together towards the same goal, the emotional health of their children. If parents can remain open to these possibilities this will do much to ease the children back into normal daily living with a strong sense of security.

Source: Huffington Post, “Children Of Divorce In The Wake Of The Newton Tragedy: A Few Parenting Ideas,” George F. Drinka, Dec. 21, 2012