When children are involved in a divorce in Georgia, there are many issues that will surround them. Child support is one of these issues. Child support is also one of the issues that do not necessarily go away even after a divorce is finalized.

This is because even when a child support obligation has been ordered by a court, circumstances may change that may make it difficult, if not impossible, to meet those financial obligations. If this is the case, then the party having the difficulty may end up filing for a modification of a child support obligation.

Other times, parents are not clear about how much money they owe, and when they must make their payments. When this happens sometimes it is inevitable that there will be an underpayment for missed child support payments resulting in an outstanding balance. This sounds like a simple accounting mistake, but when we consider that children are the ones who are relying on this income for their livelihood, a missed payment can have very negative consequences.

This may not necessarily be the case for the two children of Dennis Rodman, former NBA star. They are now pre-teens and their parents divorced several years ago in a high-asset divorce. Though they and their mother may not be living on the edge simply because Rodman owes back child support, it is still money that they are entitled to and that has been ordered by a court.

At stake is $500,000 in back child support allegedly owed to their mother for the children’s care. Recently a court held Rodman in contempt for failing to meet his obligations in a timely manner.

Though this is not the first time that Rodman has failed to meet his child support obligations, his attorney claims that Rodman is willing to pay what he owes, but that the current amount outstanding remains controversial.

Hopefully, the two sides can reach an agreement as to how much is owed in back child support so that Rodman can avoid jail time for another contempt of court conviction.

Source: Huffington Post, “Dennis Rodman Child Support: court Orders Ex-NBA Star To Pay $500,000 Says Ex-Wife’s Attorney,” Dec. 7, 2012