It is a problem across DeKalb County, across Georgia and across the country: parents not paying the child support ordered by the court. Whether it is because the noncustodial parent is bitter that his or her ex is getting child support or because the noncustodial parent doesn’t have the money, when a custodial parent doesn’t get child support, it is the former couple’s child that suffers. Ultimately, it is the children who are the primary benefactors of child support and they are the ones who are most injured when a parent fails to pay.

It cannot be said for sure why, but one father chose not to pay his court-ordered child support and fled the country so as to avoid responsibility. The 50-year-old man is believed to have fathered three children with two different wives, but he eventually left his wives, his children and the country in an attempt to outrun his child support.

He managed to avoid authorities for a considerable amount of time, as it is reported that he now has an outstanding child support bill for $1 million. By moving to Thailand, he earned the title of the “most wanted deadbeat parent,” according to the federal government. It is unknown if the man still has access to such large sums of money, but it is clear that his children’s mothers have had to shoulder the financial burden of raising children all by themselves since he left the country.

The man was on vacation in the Philippines recently when he was arrested by local officials. The federal government was able to extradite the father and he was brought back to the United States to account for his missing child support payments.

It is unlikely that many of the mothers and fathers who are owed child support in Atlanta are expecting such large sums of money, but this story is not that different from those happening across Georgia. There are many single mothers and fathers who are struggling to make ends meet because their children’s other parents refuse to help.

Source: The Associated Press, “Feds say NY man owes $1 million in child support,” Dec. 18, 2012

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