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December 2012 Archives

Recent tragedy offers opportunity for divorcing parents

The widely reported tragic events of the shootings at Newtown most likely will have an impact on divorcing parents in Georgia, as well as their children. One of the aspects of the life of the gunman was that he was a child of a divorce. Reportedly, he had been raised by his single mother, and was living with her up until the time of their deaths. While his motives for the shootings remain convoluted, his first victim was his mother.

This celebrity divorce involves a complex division of assets

When celebrities divorce in Georgia, one of the issues that may be relatively more complex will be the division of the marital assets. This is typically because individuals with a high net-worth have substantial and valuable assets that will be the subject of division.

High court takes on international child custody issue

International child custody disputes can become a tangled legal mess in a hurry. That appears to be the case in a recent custody case between an Army sergeant based at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, and the mother of his 5-year-old daughter.

Dennis Rodman in arrears for $500,000 in child support?

When children are involved in a divorce in Georgia, there are many issues that will surround them. Child support is one of these issues. Child support is also one of the issues that do not necessarily go away even after a divorce is finalized.

'Deadbeat' father in US owes $1 million in child support

It is a problem across DeKalb County, across Georgia and across the country: parents not paying the child support ordered by the court. Whether it is because the noncustodial parent is bitter that his or her ex is getting child support or because the noncustodial parent doesn't have the money, when a custodial parent doesn't get child support, it is the former couple's child that suffers. Ultimately, it is the children who are the primary benefactors of child support and they are the ones who are most injured when a parent fails to pay.

'Sesame Street' tries to talk about divorce, again

Oftentimes, divorce can be a tricky concept to explain to young children. Just ask the bright minds at "Sesame Street," who have made a living off of teaching children valuable, and sometimes difficult, life lessons. Even those skilled researchers, producers and writers have grappled with the means to explain the concept of divorce to children. This is an effort Sesame Workshop -- the entity that produces Sesame Street -- will take another stab at soon.

Court orders no more kids because father can't pay child support

It sounds like something out a dystopian novel, but a judge has recently ordered that a father may not have any more children until he can demonstrate that he can financially afford them. While the child support laws in Georgia are designed to protect single parents and children from poverty, some may see this use of judicial power to be extreme. What do you think? Should judges in Georgia be allowed to order someone not to have children until he or she can provide for them?

Avoid common financial mistakes during divorce

Divorce has a way of reaching into every part of your life, whether it is social, financial or emotional. There are a few simple tips, however, that can prevent you from experiencing significant money problems after a breakup. And, anyone who has lost a considerable amount in a Marietta divorce in knows that avoiding financial hardship is an important goal during the divorce process. Unfortunately, many of the money mistakes made during divorce are made by women

Usher puts Atlanta home on market, forces ex-wife out

Like any Atlanta resident, when Usher and his wife divorced in 2009, the couple needed to determine what they were going to do with the marital property. As Georgia requires that any property acquired during the course of a marriage to be divided equitably among divorcing spouses, divorce settlements can get tricky as husbands and wives try to negotiate who gets what, what is really an equitable division and the cost of the property to be divided. For superstars like Usher, it can get even more complicated.

Study shows that in-laws can contribute to, lessen risk of divorce

Nearly everyone in Atlanta has seen portrayals of horrible in-laws on television and film: from meddlesome mothers to intimidating fathers, a considerable amount of jokes revolve around movie in-laws. It seems, however, that real in-laws can be just as irksome.

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