Georgia couples who are separating deal with a lot that is obviously affecting their personal lives. Divorce, however, also has a real possibility to spill over into their professional lives, as well.

Employees who are going through divorce tend to work slower, take more days off, take emotions out on customers or coworkers, make more mistakes, and suffer from injuries, according to research from a book written by the executive director of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System.

Businesses lose millions of dollars each year because of these divorce-related problems, but the author thinks businesses should take some action to end the lack of productivity. She said businesses should do whatever is in their power to help resolve conflict and help improve child custody disputes and divorces.

Although some businesses do provide resources for spouses going through divorce, such as counseling, businesses have the opportunity to provide more, including assistance in resolving disputes, dividing parental responsibilities and assets, and provide legal representation.

Divorce is only one of the problems in the legal system. Parents fighting over child custody rights also are quite frequent, in addition to equitably distributing marital assets.

The author said businesses could step in and help because the court system is too adversarial.

If businesses do not step in to help employees, they may be wasting money because of employees who are unproductive and depressed. Because the divorce rate is not falling, businesses have ample opportunity to take advantage of the situation and help come up with solutions.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Your divorce, their business?” Vicki Larson, Nov. 1, 2012