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November 2012 Archives

Child custody may be difficult for parents with disabilities

When parents in Marietta divorce, one of the biggest challenges is determining who will have primary custody of the children. Assuming both parents want physical custody of the children, it is often up to the courts to decide which parent's home will be the primary place of residence. These decisions are based on the best interests of the children, but what exactly does that mean? Can parents with disabilities provide for the best interests of their children? Sadly, many courts have ruled that they can't.

Hiding assets in a divorce may result in their confiscation

Divorcing couples in Georgia may be interested in what happened in the following two high-stakes divorce proceedings. In the first, a woman did not disclose to the family court that she had won $1.3 million in the state lottery only 11 days before she filed for divorce.

Usher tells Tameka to leave Georgia Estate under divorce settlement terms

Followers of this blog have read stories involving many different friction points that may arise during a divorce. Just last week, a post covered the difficulties divorced parents may face as we head into Thanksgiving week, commonly the gateway to the holiday season. Child support, child custody and other issues have been featured on this blog.

Getting through the holidays without the kids is not impossible

As we approach the holidays, many newly divorced parents in DeKalb County are wondering what they will be doing this Thanksgiving. For many parents, the idea of spending a family holiday without their children is difficult, but it need not be impossible. Remembering that sharing child custody with an ex means that sometimes he or she has the children during major holidays, but it also means that there will be holidays during which you have the children, too.

Gray divorce statistics show more people over 50 divorcing

It is undeniable that people over 50 in Marietta are divorcing at higher rates than they were 20 years ago. And, it is not just in Georgia that these so-called gray divorces are on the rise. The number of people who divorced after age 50 leaped from approximately 4.9 divorces per 1,000 married individuals in 1990 to 10 divorces per 1,000 married people. This number is significant because it indicates a need to focus on issues addressing divorces at any age, not just young and middle-aged couples.

Pets aren't children, so how can we share custody after divorce?

For many individuals in Georgia, divorce requires compromise. There is rarely ever a spouse who will get everything he or she wants and it is important to remember that both husbands and wives will need to give and take before they appear before a Marietta family court judge. One of the more contentious battles couples will be dealing with is how to share custody of a pet.

Divorce not always a simple process in two countries

Couples face a number of stumbling blocks during the divorce process in the United States, but for international couples in unique situations who have children, they may find it to be more of a headache. Spouses who deal with divorce while living abroad, being married to a citizen of a different country or have dual citizenship face a number of additional problems.

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