Anyone who has tried to balance a family life and a career in Marietta is aware that it can be difficult to devote enough time to both without completely neglecting the other. Especially with the economic downturn in Georgia and across the country, many people may be afraid that if they are not high achievers at work that they run the risk of losing their jobs. Though it is certainly important to have a successful career, does that have to come at the expense of a marriage?

There are a number of people in Marietta whose marriages ended in divorce because one or both of the spouses were more interested in work than they were in making their marriages work. Just like marriages that end because of adultery, conflict or some other kind of problem, it is important for both spouses to work with their lawyers during the divorce process. Trying to tackle a divorce without a family law attorney is not only difficult, but it could lead to unforeseen consequences or problems that a lawyer would have been able to deftly avoid.

For some spouses, they feel as if their husbands or wives are no longer interested in them or their relationship because they put so much time into work. When they get home, they have little energy left to be the husbands or wives their spouses want. One marriage counselor recommends that spouses need to communicate and make changes that allow for more time as a couple and less time at work, especially if one spouse feels like he or she is being ignored.

The overworked spouse can also do some little things to make life easier, too. He or she can make sure to keep a spouse up to date when work comes in the way of plans. He or she can also make it clear that family time is important by trying to avoid work completely during dedicated family time.

Not every relationship is going to work and, sometimes, it is a spouse’s career that gets in the way of the marriage.

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