A seemingly copious amount of articles and advice columns have already been published on how divorcing couples on how to divide up property when a marriage dissolves. Divorcing couples in Marietta and throughout the rest of the country likely have a good understanding of property division when it comes to things like houses, cars and bank accounts.

But, what about the intangible things that a husband and wife share? This is often unclear territory. Friends fall into this category. Once a husband and wife divorce, mutual friends may have to pick a side.

Friends are important during a time like this, too, as they are often sources for emotional support. A divorcing husband and wife will be in dire need of a firm confidant.

The frustrating part about attempting to “divide” up friends is that a divorcing husband or wife have very little control over who gets who. Most friends will decide which side is best to align with, and do so for their own reasons. But, if a divorcing husband or wife is not careful, they can drive friends away. One surefire way of doing this is by constantly bashing their ex with friends.

Because of this lack of control, ex-husbands and wives are encouraged to sit back and let the friend situation work itself out. Lobbying friends to join your side can be exhausting and fruitless, causing undue stress.

If you do need to seek emotional support, chose friends that have been there for you since the very beginning.

Though friends are not property and a lawyer will not be able to help with securing friends in a divorce settlement, he or she may be instrumental in getting what a client wants from his or her marital property in a divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Intangible Assets: Who Gets Custody of your Friends after your Divorce?” Christina Pesoli, Sept. 26, 2012

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