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October 2012 Archives

Working your marriage to death

Anyone who has tried to balance a family life and a career in Marietta is aware that it can be difficult to devote enough time to both without completely neglecting the other. Especially with the economic downturn in Georgia and across the country, many people may be afraid that if they are not high achievers at work that they run the risk of losing their jobs. Though it is certainly important to have a successful career, does that have to come at the expense of a marriage?

Kids pursue overdue child support from 9/11 advocate

Just because parents divorce doesn't mean that the noncustodial parent no longer has any responsibilities for his or her children. In order to keep his or her rights as a parent, a father or mother must continue to support the children. When parents don't, they start to accumulate considerable child support arrears. This is a reality for the three daughters of a 9/11 advocate, ages 24, 22, and 17, who claim they live without basic necessities because their father owes $81,421 in child support.

How to make post-divorce holidays manageable

Holidays have always been a time of great stress. Even though most people in Atlanta love getting together with family members to celebrate, holidays also require planning, compromise and, at times, disagreement. For a Georgia parent who has just gone through a divorce, the first set of holidays can be extremely difficult. But navigating the holidays as a single parent can be extremely important, especially for children.

Surviving divorce: suggestions for a smoother transition

Georgians who are going through divorce are looking to make the transition into a single life as smooth as possible. But, even when it's in the best interest of all, divorce will feel like a loss. With that loss come many of the stages of grieving: shock and denial, rage and anger, sorrow, acceptance, and finally, growth and new beginnings.

Woman goes to extremes in husband's child custody case

No one in Smyrna who is in the middle of a child custody dispute would call it easy. Even if a former husband and wife get along well and separated amicably, when it comes to child custody it is likely to get somewhat contentious. This blog has covered some of the things that ex-spouses will do to try and convince a judge that they are the better parent and why they should receive primary or sole physical custody. Sometimes, these antics can get out of hand and, on occasion, are downright illegal.

Careful with that prenup, you might break it!

As many people going through high-asset divorce in Georgia know, prenuptial agreements are an important way to protect the wealth a spouse had going into a marriage. One lawyer in Atlanta has reported that these agreements are 10 times more common now than they were 20 years ago, especially among Georgia's high earners.

Holyfield faces knock out: half million in back child support

This blog has covered numerous sports figures who have squandered their hard-earned fortunes on a variety of different things. From multi-million dollar homes to wardrobes to other "toys," these sports legends have been left bankrupt and in very desperate financial straits. Add a new name to that list: boxing heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.

Splitting up your friends during divorce

A seemingly copious amount of articles and advice columns have already been published on how divorcing couples on how to divide up property when a marriage dissolves. Divorcing couples in Marietta and throughout the rest of the country likely have a good understanding of property division when it comes to things like houses, cars and bank accounts.

Court order of child support brings rapist into mother's life

It is undeniable that it is difficult for single mothers and fathers in Atlanta to raise children without the financial support of the children's other parents. This is the primary reason behind child support; Georgia family courts want to ensure that single parents have enough money to properly provide for their children, so they award child support. Child support, however, does mean that the noncustodial parent has some rights to his or her child. In some situations, this provides for considerable problems for a mother or father.

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