While fairy-tale romances would have people in DeKalb County believe that no one has doubts before they are married, there are a substantial number of people who walk down the aisle wondering if they are making a mistake. This is not to say that everyone who is unsure or doubts his or her marriage is destined for divorce, but it appears that a bride’s doubts may be a good indicator of the future success of the marriage.

In a study of 232 couples, 19 percent of women who reported some type of cold feet prior to their marriages were divorced after four years. Though the researchers also looked at husband’s doubts, it appears that women’s attitudes toward their marriage were better predictors of whether the couple would end in divorce. Of the women surveyed who said they did not have doubts before they married their husbands, only 8 percent were divorced after four years.

Of course, when both the husband and wife had serious doubts before their marriage, there was a 20 percent rate of divorce.

Researchers were quick to point out, however, that concerns about a marriage were not detrimental to a marriage; not talking about them was. An inability or refusal to discuss doubts is likely indicative of marital problems. And, it is highly unlikely that these issues would resolve as marriages became more complex with shared property, children and work stress.

Sometimes marriages just won’t work and when that happens, divorce is the logical answer. Trying to divorce without a lawyer, however, is incredibly difficult and can actually lead to greater problems.

Source: Fox News, “Bride’s ‘cold feet’ may be an indication of divorce,” Sept. 17, 2012

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