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September 2012 Archives

Rise in women asking for postnuptial agreements sparks discussion

When couples in Cherokee County are headed toward divorce, one of the common concerns is how the marital property will be divided. It is an understandable concern, as a husband or wife could easily lose a considerable amount of money, property and possessions to a less-than-upstanding spouse. One tool that many couples may use in conjunction with family law attorneys is postnuptial agreements.

Child custody is a Tripp: Bristol and Levi settle custody dispute

Made famous during her mother's run for vice president, Bristol Palin and her former boyfriend, Levi Johnson and their child, Tripp, have led a life more in the public eye than behind closed doors. Whether it was Palin's run on "Dancing With the Stars" or a reality show about her raising Tripp in "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp," to Johnston's exposure in Playgirl magazine, much is known about the former couple's relationship and their son. Now, Georgians who have been following the three will likely know that their custody battle has finally come to a close.

Study shows marital doubts may be indicator of divorce

While fairy-tale romances would have people in DeKalb County believe that no one has doubts before they are married, there are a substantial number of people who walk down the aisle wondering if they are making a mistake. This is not to say that everyone who is unsure or doubts his or her marriage is destined for divorce, but it appears that a bride's doubts may be a good indicator of the future success of the marriage.

Fostering communication with children after the divorce

At one point or another, Georgians have likely witnessed a dad trying hard to communicate with his children. The kids may ignore him, or they may occasionally give him a one word answer. This may be one of the many problems facing a noncustodial parent as he or she struggles to maintain relationships with the children after a divorce.

Divorce and poverty create an interesting link

Residents of DeKalb County may have been surprised to learn in August 2011 that states in the South had the highest rates of divorce in the country. With divorce rates one point higher for men and 1.4 points higher for women than the national average, the large number of divorces was also linked to the high rates of marriages. What may be even more surprising, however, is that the states with the highest rates of divorce also have the highest rates of poverty, indicating a link between poverty and divorce that many in the family law field may not have seen before.

Child support amnesty payment plan a useful approach

Many Marietta parents who get behind on paying child support obligations may find that the amount owed quickly adds up, looking like an insurmountable debt. In one instance, a father's overdue support obligation to his five children reached a total of approximately $80,000. Not surprisingly, paying all of it at once and making his current payment was not a realistic prospect.

Child's role in beauty contest an issue in custody fight

A 6-year-old girl's participation in a child beauty pageant has become a hotly contested issue in a child custody battle between the girl's mother and father. The child was entered into the contest by the mother and dressed up to look like country western signer Dolly Parton. As part of her costume, her mother had her wear butt pads and a padded bra to look more like Parton, something the father believes was inappropriately sexual and exploitative.

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