No one in Cartersville would argue that divorce is not hard. Not only do husbands and wives have to divide assets, determine who should or should not get spousal support or have custody of the children, but there are numerous bitter, upset or angry feelings that come with the end of a marriage. For many divorcing couples in Georgia, there may be a great desire to have nothing to do with an ex-spouse ever again, but if a couple has children, it is extremely unlikely that will happen.

It is important that divorced parents try to put their children first, despite the negative emotions they may still hold for their former spouses. If a parent tries to hurt his or her former spouse by withholding child support or by making child custody issues difficult, the parent ends up hurting the children. Acting with the children’s best interests at heart will require considerable work and effort, but it will ensure a happier relationship with the children.

Trying to put the children first does not mean, however, becoming involved in the other parent’s parenting. If, for example, a father is so concerned that the mother is not feeding the child correctly or providing enough homework help, he or she may try to control how the mother interacts with the child. Though the father believes he is trying to do what’s best for the child, he could potentially be smothering the child. In the end, he may push his child away by constantly meddling in the mother’s parenting time.

It is often difficult to cooperate with someone you are no longer in a relationship with, but failing to do so could be extremely damaging for your children. Ultimately, children suffer when parents cannot put aside their feelings in the interests of their children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “You May Be Divorced, But You’re Still a Family,” Virginia Gilbert, Aug. 3, 2012

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