Now that “Jon and Kate Plus 8” is over, Jon Gosselin, father of eight, is saying that he can’t afford to pay his child support payments to his former wife. While Georgia fathers may not know what it is like to have a reality show end, they can understand how difficult it is to make child support payments in this down economy. With many men unemployed, it may be difficult to scrape together enough money for their kids.

The 35-year-old Gosselin said he can no longer afford to pay rent, much less the child support for his eight children. However, if he misses child support payments, he will most likely end up in jail, and if he loses his house, he will lose the ability to have shared custody of his children.

What is especially irksome to Gosselin is that his former wife and the mother of his eight children has continued a life of reality television. He has said that, despite the fact that he has little money and seemingly no job, he must continue to pay child support to his well-off former wife.

It is true that this situation isn’t entirely the same as most Georgia fathers’, but it illustrates an important fact: sometimes the less-wealthy parent must pay child support to the more-wealthy one. Just because a parent has considerable financial resources does not mean that he or she won’t be eligible for child support.

It remains to be seen what Gosselin will do to pay for child support.

Source: Radar, “Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom, ‘I Can’t Afford To Pay My Rent!’” Aug. 1, 2012

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