We have talked about Terrell Owens before and the long-standing child support battle he has had with the mother of one of his children. There have been numerous stories in Atlanta and on this blog about Owens’ decision not to pay the $5,000 a month he was originally ordered to pay. Now, however, a Fulton County judge has threatened to put Owens in jail if he does not comply with the court orders.

Child support is extremely important to a custodial parent, but its real purpose is to help care for children. When fathers or mothers refuse to or cannot pay their child support payments, it is ultimately the children who suffer. Because child support funds are used to cover the costs of raising a child, it leaves a custodial parent with substantially less money than he or she may need to properly care for a former couple’s child. In this case, every time Owens misses a payment to his daughter, the girl’s mother must cover all of her costs alone.

In Owens’ most recent hearing regarding the over $20,000 of child support arrears that Owens allegedly owes, the judge was extremely upset that Owens was not present. Though his attorney has taken the blame and said that it was his poor communication as to why Owens was not present, it is not entirely known why Owens had no idea that he had a court date.

Within minutes, the judge asked both attorneys to come into his chambers, during which time he told Owens lawyer that if his client doesn’t come to his hearings, he would be put in jail.

It is unclear why Owens is apparently refusing to comply with court orders to pay child support, as many sources report that he is not nearly as poor as he initially made himself seem.

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