While most people in Smyrna only heard about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s breakup last week, the former couple seems to have moved at a record speed to settle their differences and go their separate ways. When most couples in Cobb County choose to divorce, they will spend much longer than 11 days coming to a divorce settlement. For celebrity couples, it may seem like separations and divorces take even longer, but Homes and Cruise defied the odds and seemingly divorced quickly and painlessly.

The couple also came to an agreement about their 6-year-old daughter, Suri. Though Holmes indicated that she wanted sole legal custody and primary physical custody of their daughter, she agreed to be the primary custodial parent while Cruise will have a “meaningful relationship” with the girl.

The settlement largely remains secret and there is still speculation about how much, if at all, Scientology played in the couple’s divorce. It is likely that the settlement will discuss the religious upbringing of Suri, at least in part. Had the couple been unable to resolve how their daughter was to be raised, a court would have only stepped in if one religious choice would seriously affect the health or well-being of the child.

Though Holmes and Cruise’s divorce garnered much more attention than most divorces in Smyrna would, the issues were largely similar to a Georgia divorce. Like any parent that is divorcing, he or she needs to work with a lawyer to come up with a divorce settlement that protects his or her interests to his or her children.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes private divorce pleases both sides,” July 11, 2012