When parents get divorced in Georgia, there is some dispute about just how fair the family court system is to fathers. Whether it is the presumption that fathers have less interest in raising their children than mothers or that a father’s rights to his children are somehow less than those of a mother’s, fathers should have equal access to their children. Earlier in the year, this blog reported on one famous father’s attempt to gain custody of his children: Usher.

The father has been in the Fulton County courts to try and get equal parenting time with his ex-wife Tameka Foster, but she has been working hard to prevent the singer from having that much contact with their 4- and 3-year-olds. It has recently been reported, however, that Usher is working with his lawyers to give the boys’ mother “a majority” of the child custody.

It may be that the veritable loss of Usher’s stepson and Foster’s son that has spurred this move. A watercraft accident ended with the 11-year-old boy being declared brain dead. Usher had a good connection with his stepson and his condition may have changed the singer’s mind about fighting a long, drawn-out battle for custody of his own children.

While this unequal custody decision may have been proposed by a father, there are many instances in which a father will receive far less custody or no custody at all because of a judge’s decision. Whenever a father is afraid that he will lose out on a custody battle, it is important that he work with an experienced fathers’ rights attorney to best present his case.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Usher Custody Battle: Tameka Foster Dispute Over After Stepson’s Skiing Accident?” July 12, 2012

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