Your divorce is finally done and you are finally free to live your life again. While many people in Canton have this exact same feeling after they have completed the sometimes draining process of divorcing a former spouse, any divorcé(e) who has children with his or her ex will have to be continue to interact with that ex for the benefit of his or her children.

When divorce combines with child custody in Georgia, there are many more complexities than if a couple with no children divorced. For one, these parents who may have multifaceted and negative emotions for each other must continue to work together in the best interests of their children.

It may be hard, but each parent has a different parenting style and rules. Though you are no longer in a relationship with your ex, it is important that you respect his or her rules and ability to parent. Unless something he or she is doing is dangerous or detrimental to your children’s health, it may be better to not get wrapped up with the different ways you parent your children. After all, would you want your former spouse questioning everything you do?

No matter how difficult it may be, it is important to remember that whatever your feelings are towards your ex, he or she is still your child’s other parent. This means that you may need to be extremely flexible and careful in how you handle a co-parenting relationship with him or her. Don’t speak poorly of him or her in front of your children and actually encourage your children to develop a strong bond with their other parent; you would want your ex to do the same for you.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Make Smart Choices For Post-Divorce Co-Parenting Success,” Rosalind Sedacca, July 23, 2012

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