When a married couple in Georgia decides to split, there is almost always pain and stress. Divorce often means the end to a way of life, to plans and hopes and dreams. Such an event is emotionally and psychologically significant, and can have serious professional ramifications.

According to lawyers and mediators, divorce almost always affects one’s career in one of two ways. Sometimes careers are boosted by the elimination of a trying marital situation, and sometimes they are destroyed by the addition of insurmountable stress. Rarely, however, is one’s career unaffected by divorce.

According to one mediator, taking the focus off of marriage can ultimately be beneficial to one’s career. People can often perform better professionally after a divorce. Perhaps an unsupportive or needy partner had been a hindrance, or an overbearing spouse had discouraged financial independence. In many cases, going solo can open up new avenues and yield unprecedented success.

On the other hand, divorce can just as easily wreak havoc on one’s professional life. Divorce proceedings and child custody battles can last years, and are often venomous and spiteful. Such extended periods of stress can be emotionally exhausting and can compromise one’s performance at work.

In the event that a couple seeking divorce was once in business together, the plot can grow even thicker. Whichever spouse was the primary investor could change the locks on the office, change the computer passwords and freeze out the other. The one on the wrong side of the door may be forced to start over. Divorced couples with children may also find their mobility limited.

Sometimes beneficial, sometimes catastrophic, divorce is something for which an experienced family law attorney can help us prepare for divorce and its effects on our careers.

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