Nearly everyone in Canton, Georgia, has heard of the hit television show “Will and Grace” and its quirky female star, Debra Messing. Though her tenure on “Will and Grace” has ended, her career certainly hasn’t. The actress is currently starring in a new television show called “Smash,” but it is what is happening off-screen that is generating interest in the famous red-head.

Messing is dealing with several family law issues as she ends her long-term relationship with her husband, writer-producer Daniel Zelman. The soon-to-be ex-couple had been having some marriage difficulties and legally separated in February 2010. It seems that Messing and Zelman were not able to work things out and Messing recently filed for divorce.

Messing has said she is divorcing her husband because of irreconcilable differences, but she has not gone into any more detail than that. She has also filed for joint custody of her 8-year-old son and requested that her husband pay her spousal support.

The couple married in September 2000.

Though the people of Georgia may not have the wealth and fame that Messing and Zelman have, they still have many of the same family law issues as these stars. Just like Messing, there are many men and women who can no longer make their marriages work and are looking for a peaceful divorce. Many of them are also parents and still want their children’s other parent involved in their lives, requiring joint custody. Though Messing’s divorce won’t be exactly the same as someone from Georgia’s, there will most likely be more similarities than differences.

Source: New York Daily News, “Debra Messing files for divorce from husband Daniel Zelman, seeks joint custody,” June 6, 2012