Everyone in Marietta has something that is special to them. For some it could be a house, for some a car and, for some women, it could be their shoes. There probably aren’t many people in Georgia, however, who can lay claim to such an extensive and expensive shoe collection as a professional poker player’s. Though she and her husband have divorced, he is claiming that she hid how expensive the 1,200-pair shoe collection really was and that he is entitled to a portion of this marital property.

The woman’s collection is estimated to cost $1 million and her husband has said that he should get 35 percent of it as part of an equitable distribution of marital assets. The wife has disputed this, saying that her ex-husband was aware of how many shoes she had and that she had not hid her shoes from him.

Her collection is believed to include 700 pairs of shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Georgia law requires that husbands and wives divide their joint property equitably when they are divorcing. While it is not always clear what is equitable, a family law attorney can help ensure that the other side is disclosing all of the marital assets. When one party tries to hide or cover up assets and marital property, it makes it more difficult to ensure that the property is actually divided equitably.

As this lawsuit unfolds, it will be interesting to see if the husband can convince a judge that his ex-wife’s shoe collection is both marital property and that he should have received a portion of it.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Beth Shak Sued For Shoe Collection By Ex-Husband,” Rebecca Adams, June 24, 2012