It is undeniable that divorce is extremely serious and should only be undertaken after careful consideration and self-reflection. When someone in Atlanta does choose to go through with a divorce, however, it does not mean that he or she is doing something destructive. In many situations, divorce can be healthy for an individual and for his or her children. Though divorce can have an effect on your children, so can staying in a conflict-filled marriage.

There has been research done on children who see their parents fighting and researchers have found that this stays with children for a long time. A study found that teenagers who saw conflict between their parents when they were in kindergarten often live with depression and anxiety. It is possible that these negative effects will continue past their teenage years, as well.

In some cases, children whose parents fight constantly can exhibit negative social behavior. While their parents are still married, they may continue to act out or have behavioral issues, but their personalities may change for the better once their parents finally divorce.

Every couple deals with marital problems differently. For some, they like to keep it intensely private and people may only learn they are having troubles when they announce a divorce. For others, there may be emotional, drawn-out and public fights. When these kinds of public quarrels are in front of their children, it seems they can have a lasting effect on the children. Whether these children will deal with depression, anxiety or some other kind of emotional insecurity, their parents’ decision to not get divorced despite the marital conflict could do more harm than good.

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