Former NFL star Terrell Owens is coming under fire from the Atlanta mother of one of his children after she says he has failed to help cover any of the costs of raising their child.

The woman claims Owens has failed to pay $5,000 a month in Georgia child support since December. A Fulton County judge first ordered him to pay child support in May 2007, and it is said that he currently owes about $30,000, not including interest. In addition, the mother claims Owens sent numerous text messages taunting her about the issue. Now, a lawsuit has been filed by her attorney in the Fulton County Court’s family division.

Court documents also claim Owens placed a call to the mother to make sure she knew he had the money to pay and that he wasn’t destitute, as reports had said. A text that was allegedly sent by Owens says he blames the media for spreading the rumor and the football player also went on national radio to address the stories.

Another text message from Owens threatened that the mother is going to face a difficult time when she takes him to court, as the mothers of his other children have experienced.

The lawsuit comes only one month after Owens appeared on the “Dr. Phil” television show, where he was criticized by three of his children’s mothers, including the one who has recently filed the suit. Dr. Phil even told him he needed to start paying his child support.

This is not the only financial issue plaguing Owens. The football player, who was just released from the Indoor Football League, claims the league owes him about $160,000 for games he played before he was let go. Owens played in the NFL until 2010.

Source: USA Today, “Court filing: TO sent ‘taunting text messages’ to child’s mother,” Matt Eppers, June 6, 2012