Evander Holyfield has weathered his fair share of storms in the boxing ring. However, the former heavyweight champion is now facing a different type of fight. The state of Georgia is claiming that Holyfield owes $372,097 in unpaid child support for his daughter. Until the payments are made, the state is requesting that Holyfield be jailed and have his wages garnished.

This amount is based on a 2000 ruling that Holyfield pay his daughter’s mother $19,270 per month in child support. The state alleges that he has been in default since April 2010. In response to these allegations, a spokesperson for Holyfield praised the close relationship he is said to share with his daughter, but refused to directly address the issue of unpaid child support.

Holyfield, who said he made over $230 million as a professional boxer, has fallen on hard times since hanging up his gloves. His lost his mansion to foreclosure, and he has been sued for lapsed child support payments for his other 11 children. According to an article in Atlanta Magazine, he owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 in unpaid child support.

True to his career path, Holyfield is fighting back. He has sought to renegotiate these payments, claiming that his annual income has significantly declined since retiring. In addition, the 49-year-old is attempting to stage a comeback, a chance to grab one or two more heavyweight-sized checks before the final bell rings on his career.

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution, “TMZ: Holyfield owes $372K in child support,” Christopher Seward, June 2, 2012