When Georgia couples divorce, they are often left wondering who will get what. The more wealthy the client, the more difficult the division of marital property can be, but there may be an innovative method of splitting up the assets when a Marietta couple divorces.

Although auctions have been around for an extremely long time, there has been a surge in divorce auctions across the country. These auctions can be a way to sell off marital property, split the money with a former spouse and start anew. They can also be an extremely useful way for couples to settle the fight over who gets what.

In some cases, a judge may order that the division of marital property be done via auction, but many couples come to the decision on their own. During the auction, former spouses can bid on the objects or property that they really want and whoever has the highest bid wins. In the end, about half of the cost will be returned to a spouse because he or she has to split the earnings of the auction with an ex.

For divorcing couples in Marietta, determining who will get what pieces of property can be tricky. Anyone that is concerned about how the marital property will be divided or that a soon-to-be ex will get everything in the divorce should speak with a Georgia property division lawyer. An attorney can ensure that an individual receives an equitable division of the couple’s property and that neither party will walk away a loser.

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