We have previously talked about just how complex divorce can be, but one man is hoping to make divorcing as easy as a weekend at a hotel. The problem is, however, that most divorces are too emotional, too complex and too difficult to be condensed down into a weekend stay at a hotel. Rather, they take time with a family law attorney, hammering out details to ensure that both parties get a fair settlement and that all issues are covered.

Though it would be nice for Georgia couples that are thinking of a divorce to plan a simple three-day, two-night trip to the Divorce Hotel, issues like child custody, assets and property all need to be adequately discussed and separated for a divorce to work properly. Since many people divorcing are not cordial with one another, much less friendly, it is very difficult to squeeze such important decisions into a short weekend.

The businessman who is looking to spread this Dutch phenomenon to the United States first got his idea after watching a friend go through a divorce. He said it was a long, drawn-out process that was emotionally taxing on his friend, so the businessman came up with Divorce Hotel to avoid future, messy divorces. The procedure is simple, a couple checks in on Friday and leaves with divorce papers in hand on Sunday.

It sounds simple, but many in the American divorce business don’t think it will work. Family law attorneys are extremely important when ending a marriage because they will help ensure that both parties get an equitable settlement. This takes time to do, both because divorcing individuals need time to figure out what they want from a settlement and because attorneys need to ensure that assets aren’t hidden or one spouse isn’t perpetrating fraud.

In an ideal world, Georgia couples would be able to end a marriage as friends, smoothly and relatively quickly. Unfortunately, most divorces need much more time and expertise in order to protect all parties involved.

Source: The New York Times, “Check in married and then check out single,” Janet Morrissey, May 28, 2012