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May 2012 Archives

Complex divorces can't be solved overnight

We have previously talked about just how complex divorce can be, but one man is hoping to make divorcing as easy as a weekend at a hotel. The problem is, however, that most divorces are too emotional, too complex and too difficult to be condensed down into a weekend stay at a hotel. Rather, they take time with a family law attorney, hammering out details to ensure that both parties get a fair settlement and that all issues are covered.

30 children leaves dad struggling to make child support payments

There have been numerous stories about parents who fail to provide financially for their children. When parents divorce, it is almost guaranteed that the noncustodial parent is ordered to pay the custodial parent a certain amount in child support. Oftentimes the custodial parent will get the money that is due to him or her, but there are also sensational stories of "deadbeat" parents who either pay nothing or very little.

Parenting plans may not consider children's changing interests

As joint custody becomes more popular in Georgia, questions have been raised about whether child custody decisions actually reflect what children need. Who is named the custodial parent is supposed to be based on the children's best interest. Family court judges in Georgia are supposed to determine whether a child will do best in a joint- or single-custody arrangement and whether the mother or father is best suited to be the custodial parent. Once that is set, however, it can be quite difficult to modify.

Court forced to recognize that man isn't child's father

The "traditional" family -- married parents and a couple of children -- may not be as prevalent as it once was. There are many families in Atlanta with mothers, fathers, step-mothers, step-fathers, half-brothers and -sisters, step-brothers and -sisters, and so much more. Sometimes it is difficult for men to preserve their parental rights and the families they create have very specific legal complications.

Increase in female-paid spousal support denotes strides for women

When most people in Smyrna hear the word "alimony" they think of men paying their ex-wives because of their disparate earnings. For a long time the spousal support system in Cobb County and across the United States helped women who were unable to earn as much as their former husbands avoid poverty and continue to have a decent standard of living following a divorce.

Special needs children require a special divorce approach

Divorce is a challenging process under normal circumstances, but add a special-needs child into the mix and things suddenly seem a lot more complicated for people in Canton. Divorced individuals in Atlanta who co-parent a special-needs child need to pay special attention to child custody arrangements to ensure that their youngster is receiving the treatment and care for their specific conditions.

Dennis Quaid reconciles with wife, withdraws divorce papers

In March we started covering the Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington-Quaid divorce, but Marietta residents may be interested to know that the couple has reconciled and has withdrawn their divorce paperwork. While the couple had just started dealing with their family law issues before a judge, they realized that they didn't need to divorce and were able to work through any issues on their own.

Uncovering hidden assets easier with new technology

Hiding assets between couples is not uncommon, either during the marriage or at the time of divorce. Sadly, many who face trouble personally or financially will go to extremes to hide money and investments from a spouse. Now, with advancements in electronic discovery, finding those assets has gotten easier.

That's mine! Divorce auctions can help uncooperative spouses

When Georgia couples divorce, they are often left wondering who will get what. The more wealthy the client, the more difficult the division of marital property can be, but there may be an innovative method of splitting up the assets when a Marietta couple divorces.

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