The story is familiar to Georgians by now. A rich and famous athlete travels around the country or the world, being adored by their fans and hearing the cheers of the crowd. In some cases, these athletes will end up having relationships with numerous women and fathering numerous children.

Despite their fame and apparent fortune, many of these athletes are now claiming that they can no longer afford their child support. One of the best examples of this is ex-NFL player Terrell Owens, who fathered four children with four different women. While he used to play in the NFL and was a successful athlete, he says that he can no longer afford to pay for his children, including the one that lives in Georgia. He currently pays $240,000 to each child per year. He has since filed for bankruptcy.

Antonio Cromartie, a player for the Jets, is yet another example. He is the parent of 10 children with eight different mothers, including two children with his wife, scattered through six states nationwide. Courts in different jurisdictions have compelled him to pay $294,000 in child support annually. This amounts to monthly payments totaling $3,500 to each of the seven women.

Star athletes are typically more than willing to use their handsome salaries, bonuses and extra money from advertising endorsements for every conceivable luxury. But these expensive purchases often prevent them from paying the much-needed child support payments to their children’s mothers. As this money is meant to help cover the basic costs of raising a child, it is extremely important that the mothers receive these funds and the children deserve a portion of their father’s earnings.

Source: The Grio, “Does ‘baby mama drama’ make pro athletes go broke?” Kunbi Tinuoye, April 20, 2012