Our readers in Georgia may have been following news reports on the trial of the Dunwoody daycare killing in which a married man was convicted of murdering his lover’s husband. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The convicted killer’s estranged wife has filed for divorce — twice. One petition for divorce was filed in family court. According to news reports, the woman will also seek to get a Gett which is a Jewish Bill of Divorcement.

Perhaps due to the notoriety of the daycare killing, the divorce petition has been made public. For those who are contemplating divorce, or who have been divorced, the 21-page document is a fascinating look at what the complaint for divorce document looks like.

According to the divorce petition, the couple’s assets are described as significant. The estranged spouse is basically asking for all of the assets possessed by her incarcerated husband.

The petition is seeking to:

  • Grant her sole physical and legal custody of the couple’s 18-year-old daughter
  • Grant her sole possession of the couple’s home in Marietta, Georgia, and a second home in Israel
  • Grant her all of the retirement assets, household possessions and other assets
  • Limit her liability for the debts which were acquired by her husband
  • Accept responsibility for debts she acquired after her separation from her husband which was two months prior to the murder

The petition sites three reasons for the divorce: adultery, cruel treatment and her husband’s conviction of malice murder. The wife is also requesting that if her husband is ever released from jail, that he be liable for lifetime spousal support or alimony.

The couple was married in October 1988.

Source: 11alive, “Hemy Neuman’s wife files for divorce,” Beth Sawicki, March 23, 2012