With such a high divorce rate in Georgia, it no longer odd to hear that a Marietta couple wants a divorce. There are many things that could have led from the alter and “happily ever after” to a courtroom and dealing with the bevy of family law issues that must be sorted before a divorce is finalized. Now, researchers may have some answers on what are some of the main culprits that eventually lead to divorce.

One of the biggest problems that drives couples apart is an inability to communicate with one another. Whether it is a general problem with communication or something that is unique to the marriage, Georgia couples that don’t talk about the important things with each other may be setting themselves up for a divorce.

Another leading factor in divorce is the way in which one or both spouses express their feelings. If a husband or wife is always negative or pessimistic, it could start to push the other spouse toward a break-up. Couples that blame each other or work to undermine each other when they are upset or frustrated may also be inching closer to a divorce.

Sometimes what seems to be a perfect marriage in the beginning ends in divorce. There is no doubt that most couples enter into their marriages thinking they will last forever, but some marriages just aren’t meant to work out. No one should stay in an unhealthy relationship and anyone considering a divorce should figure out what options are open to him or her by talking with a family law attorney.

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