Imagine the sorrow that comes with having no access to and no connection with your child. After a divorce, many Georgia parents are concerned that they will lose their child custody disputes, stuck living apart from their children and potentially never seeing their children again. For some men and women in Marietta, this is a valid fear, but for those who get help from a strong family law advocate, the transition to single-parenthood may be easier.

After what must seem like four long years, a man may finally be reaching the end of his child custody dilemma. The man’s former girlfriend gave birth to a daughter four years ago but never put the man’s name on the girl’s birth certificate as the biological father. A few days after the girl’s birth, the mother had put her up for adoption without telling the father. Since then, the father has been working hard to get his daughter back.

The woman had traveled out-of-state and the girl was quickly adopted by the woman’s family members. At the same time, the woman continued to lie to the girl’s father about what she was doing and her intentions with the baby. Once the father learned of the adoption, however, he petitioned the court to nullify the adoption.

Now, the father has a few more hurdles to jump through before he can bring his daughter home. While this is certainly an extreme case, it is conceivable that something severe like this could happen in Atlanta or across Georgia. Working with a child custody lawyer, however, helps lessen the fear that a parent will never see his or her child again.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Colorado father’s custody fight moves back to his home state,” Brooke Adams, March 21, 2012