Communication problems between two Marietta spouses may cause, or at least contribute to, the end of a marriage. Those familiar with divorce cases in Georgia, however, would say that the need for good communication doesn’t end simply because the marriage is over.

This is particularly important when the ex-spouses have children together. A divorce often makes it even more difficult for former spouses to talk to each other than it was during their marriage and these downed lines of communication impose additional stress on everyone, especially the children. It is often for the children’s sake that divorced parents must work to get past any personal animosity towards their ex and be able to talk about issues concerning their children’s health, education, and safety.

To achieve good communication, it is important to control tempers and anger and to think before speaking. Venting feelings in a negative manner can be unproductive and may make it more difficult to come to a resolution on a dispute that affects the kids.

Communicating effectively on such topics requires effort and advance planning. It may also require taking into account the personality characteristics of an ex-husband or -wife. But it is often more than just their quirks to steer clear of; divorces often change both the husband and wife and individuals must consider the manner in which a divorce may have changed the other before speaking. Courtesy and politeness always goes a long way in making communication less painful.

It is important to also understand that anything written or spoken to an ex-spouse may be used later in court as evidence in an attempt to modify child custody or support or any other issues related to the divorce. This goes to show just how important it is to think before speaking or writing.

While these tips are important to remember for anyone who is going through or has gone through a divorce, but sometimes there is just no communicating with an ex. It is always important to have a close relationship with your attorney if you can’t or won’t speak with your ex. An attorney can be an important go-between to solve those problems that would otherwise require you to communicate with your ex.

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