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April 2012 Archives

Terrell Owens, athletes claim they can't afford child support

The story is familiar to Georgians by now. A rich and famous athlete travels around the country or the world, being adored by their fans and hearing the cheers of the crowd. In some cases, these athletes will end up having relationships with numerous women and fathering numerous children.

How does 'happily ever after' become 'I want a divorce'?

With such a high divorce rate in Georgia, it no longer odd to hear that a Marietta couple wants a divorce. There are many things that could have led from the alter and "happily ever after" to a courtroom and dealing with the bevy of family law issues that must be sorted before a divorce is finalized. Now, researchers may have some answers on what are some of the main culprits that eventually lead to divorce.

Four-year custody battle may finally be coming to an end

Imagine the sorrow that comes with having no access to and no connection with your child. After a divorce, many Georgia parents are concerned that they will lose their child custody disputes, stuck living apart from their children and potentially never seeing their children again. For some men and women in Marietta, this is a valid fear, but for those who get help from a strong family law advocate, the transition to single-parenthood may be easier.

Virtual visitation could be coming to a courtroom near you

There is an increasing number of children in Georgia that live with one parent and only see the other parent on holidays or over summer break. This situation is almost never because the parent or child don't want to see each other, but because the parent and child live apart. Across the country, there are approximately 10 million children who only have infrequent or limited in-person contact with one parent.

What responsibilities do sperm donors have to 'their' children?

As in vitro fertilization becomes more popular in Marietta, there are an increasing number of children born to women who have used donated sperm. Whether it is because the mother is single or because she and her husband are having difficulty conceiving, Georgia sperm donors may want to know what their responsibilities are after they have donated.

Husband sentenced to life in prison, wife files for divorce -- twice

Our readers in Georgia may have been following news reports on the trial of the Dunwoody daycare killing in which a married man was convicted of murdering his lover's husband. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Divorce doesn't mean the end of communication in Georgia

Communication problems between two Marietta spouses may cause, or at least contribute to, the end of a marriage. Those familiar with divorce cases in Georgia, however, would say that the need for good communication doesn't end simply because the marriage is over.

Tax breaks aren't out of your reach after a divorce, part III

In this final part of our series on tax benefits for noncustodial parents in Atlanta, we will talk about tax credits that are only available to custodial parents, even when the noncustodial parent can claim the noncustodial parent rule. These parental rights are not automatically granted to the custodial parent, however, he or she must still earn the tax credits before claiming them.

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