There are many Marietta parents who are going through a divorce and a common fear of fathers is whether they will get custody of their children. Although Georgia family courts should award joint custody between mothers and fathers, fathers who really want custody should do some simple things to help the court make a decision in their favor.

According to The Huffington Post, fathers who become involved with their children’s schools have a better chance of ensuring their parental rights and responsibilities are protected and of winning custody from a judge during child custody proceedings.

This is because judges frequently hear testimony from teachers on what kind of an impact a parent has on a child. A child’s education is extremely important factor in a judge’s decision and when a father is involved with the child’s school, it can demonstrate that he is interested in the child’s well-being and growth.

For example, in one child custody battle, a judge ruled in favor of the father because he had signed the majority of his child’s homework assignments, indicating that he frequently did homework with the child and used his parenting time to ensure the child’s school work was done.

Schools typically see mothers in the school volunteering, but fathers should also get involved in order to be recognized as being involved in the child’s life. Similarly, if the father makes it known that he should be contacted if there are any issues at school, for parent-teacher conferences or even to pick up or drop off a child at school, teachers and school officials will become aware of his interest in his child’s education.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Want Custody Of Your Kids? Get Involved With Their School!,” Joseph E. Cordell, March 8, 2012