We have repeatedly covered contentious, bitter divorces in this blog, but not all divorces will end so badly. For some Georgia couples, they only need a little divorce mediation before they are ready to hammer out a settlement with the help of their family law attorneys. While it may not seem possible for those couples that are deeply embroiled in an all-out battle for an equitable division of assets, custody of the children, or spousal support, Dennis Quaid and his wife seem to be working for a “satisfactory settlement” to end the actor’s third marriage.

The couple has been married since 2004, following Quaid’s marriages to actresses Meg Ryan and P.J. Soles. Although the couples have a pair of 4-year-old twins, there is a temporary court order that gives the parents joint custody. It is unclear if both Quaid and his wife will be pursuing joint custody or sole custody, but it is likely that child custody issues and child support will be discussed during the settlement meetings.

Even though it was Quaid’s wife who originally filed for divorce, the actor has asked for his and his wife’s privacy while they attempt to work on a settlement. It appears that original reports alleged the divorce was somewhat contentious, but Quaid was quick to denounce any such rumors, saying that both sides are looking for a workable settlement.

It has been reported that Quaid’s wife has asked for her legal fees and spousal support. In addition, she has filed for a share of the actor’s assets.

In contrast to many of the divorces covered in this blog, the Quaids are ending their marriage calmly and peacefully. While many Georgia divorces are because couples have just reached a breaking point and cannot communicate with each other anymore, not all marriages must end like that.

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