This blog has frequently covered single mothers’ and fathers’ unsuccessful attempts to recover child support from their children’s parents. It almost seems that after the custodial parent goes to the trouble of getting a child support award from a Georgia family court judge that he or she may never see the money he or she is owed. In this story, however, the mother of Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver Roddy White’s son will be getting child support after a recent court order.

The mother filed a lawsuit against the football player, saying that White had fathered her son. Instead of the seemingly typical vehement denial of paternity or a refusal to pay any support, the wide receiver agreed to pay $3,200 each month to the mother of his son. A Georgia judge also reportedly signed off on the child support order.

White was first picked up by the Falcons in the 2005 NFL draft. Almost three years ago he also signed a six-year contract with the Atlanta football team for $48 million.

As part of the child support order, White also agreed to cover the mother’s legal costs and take out a large life insurance policy that named his son as a beneficiary.

Single parents in Marietta know just how vital child support can be. It is often difficult to cover all of a child’s necessities on just one income and the child support payments can fill the gap. For those parents who are struggling to make ends meet and ensure their children’s best interests are met, it is often helpful to speak to a child support attorney to discuss what legal options are available to a single parent.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Falcons’ Roddy White OKs child support,” Christopher Seward, Feb. 25, 2012