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March 2012 Archives

Tax breaks aren't out of your reach after a divorce, part II

Earlier in the week, we discussed the different tax benefits that are available to noncustodial parents if they have met the qualifications for the noncustodial parent rule. This federal rule is an exception to the rule that only custodial parents will be able to collect tax deductions on their children. Although Georgia parents know that child custody battles are not fought for tax benefits, who will be able to claim tax deductions is often an important part of divorce settlements.

Tax breaks aren't out of your reach after a divorce, part I

Your divorce has been finalized and the Georgia family court has determined that you are not the custodial parent because your child spends a little more than half of his or her time with your ex. Beyond the disappointment of being separated from your child, many Marietta parents who don't have primary physical custody are concerned that they will lose out on all of their tax deductions. Luckily, however, this is not always true.

"Top Chef" host's ex gets greater custody rights to daughter

Georgia readers may be interested to know that the well-publicized courtroom battle between former model, cookbook author and current host of the ever-popular cooking show "Top Chef," Padma Lakshmi, and her former boyfriend has finally concluded. The child custody controversy began in early 2011 over the estranged couple's now-2-year-old daughter.

Georgia House agrees grandparents have visitation rights

A unanimous Georgia House of Representatives has recently decided that when it comes to a divorce, grandparents should also have some rights to their grandchildren. While many in Georgia may think that a divorce and child custody battle is only affecting the parents and the children, other family members sometimes get pushed to the side in a custody determination. While it seems that the current Georgia child custody laws do not protect grandparents, this bill would allow grandparents to spend at least 24 hours a month with their grandchildren.

Fathers with custody often participate in children's education

There are many Marietta parents who are going through a divorce and a common fear of fathers is whether they will get custody of their children. Although Georgia family courts should award joint custody between mothers and fathers, fathers who really want custody should do some simple things to help the court make a decision in their favor.

Dennis Quaid and wife seek peaceful end to Quaid's third marriage

We have repeatedly covered contentious, bitter divorces in this blog, but not all divorces will end so badly. For some Georgia couples, they only need a little divorce mediation before they are ready to hammer out a settlement with the help of their family law attorneys. While it may not seem possible for those couples that are deeply embroiled in an all-out battle for an equitable division of assets, custody of the children, or spousal support, Dennis Quaid and his wife seem to be working for a "satisfactory settlement" to end the actor's third marriage.

What factors are fueling "gray divorce?"

In recent years, there has been an increase in the incidence of "gray divorce," or divorce involving older married couples. While many in Marietta may think that divorce is only for the young, the new trends indicate that elderly couples are divorcing at higher rates than ever before. As the age of divorcés rise, it will be important to include gray divorce into the umbrella of family law issues that professionals can expect to handle.

That's not Lilith! Kelsey Grammer's custody battle finally over

Marietta residents are very familiar with television's "Fraiser" and many more know that the star of "Fraiser," Kelsey Grammer's marriage to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer recently ended. During this celebrity couple's divorce, it was leaked that Kelsey had filed for full physical custody of his children, much to Camille's dismay. While the battle over their 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son went on for some time, it seems the parents have finally come to a custody agreement.

Atlanta Falcon agrees to child support, life insurance policy

This blog has frequently covered single mothers' and fathers' unsuccessful attempts to recover child support from their children's parents. It almost seems that after the custodial parent goes to the trouble of getting a child support award from a Georgia family court judge that he or she may never see the money he or she is owed. In this story, however, the mother of Atlanta Falcons' wide receiver Roddy White's son will be getting child support after a recent court order.

Dealing with custody battles...over Fido, Spot and Mittens

Ask anyone with a pet in Marietta whether Spot, Mittens and Fido are merely physical property or whether they are bona fide members of the family and the response may be nearly universal -- family members. More and more people in Georgia and across the country are looking at their pets as family members, making divorce and custody more complicated. Since Georgia still considers pets to be property subject to equitable division, many divorcing couples are turning to their lawyers to craft pet custody agreements.

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