The world-renowned pop singer Usher got married in 2007. While he and his wife had two children, their marriage ended shortly thereafter and they filed for divorce in June 2009. The divorce was finalized in November 2009 and part of the final divorce judgment was a child custody and visitation arrangement in which Usher was awarded joint custody of his children. Now, Usher’s ex-wife has filed for child custody modification with the Fulton County Superior Court.

In addition, Usher’s ex-wife is asking the singer to pay $50,000 to cover her attorney’s fees for the current custody battle. The ex-wife asked the Georgia family judge for sole custody of their two children, according to the documents filed in the superior court. The documents break the fees down to $15,000 for attorney’s fees and $35,000 for “other costs” that are not mentioned.

In the child custody modification documents his ex-wife filed in February 2012, she listed several reasons why the court should give her sole custody of the former couple’s children. One of the reasons she requested sole custody was because Usher allegedly canceled her credit card from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Because stripping Usher of joint custody of his children is an extremely serious undertaking, Usher’s ex-wife must meet a very high standard to show that only she should have custody of their children. Whether her concerns about her credit card or her allegations that the singer has been using drugs is sufficient to modify their custody agreement remains to be seen.

Usher’s ex-wife demanded that her famous ex-husband get tested for drugs back in December 2011. She stated that she was worried he was taking pills and other harmful drugs while he was around their two children, but it is unknown if the drug tests were conclusive.

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