Divorce can be similar to a business deal — two parties are essentially severing a relationship and must divide assets and liabilities. But, in addition to this, the two parties must determine who will pay for child care, who will have custody of the children and what visitation schedules will be established, and other various things associated with divorce. Essentially, there is an emotional side to divorce and a legal side. Because of these two distinct aspects of divorce, it is important that a Georgia family law attorney provide customized divorce solutions to his or her clients.

An individual involved in a divorce may experience deep emotional distress for years after the divorce, but in order to move forward in life, a Georgia divorcé(é) must be able to work through the emotional aspects of the divorce, as well as the legal issues. While many divorces require a balancing of the emotional and legal aspects of the separation at the same time, it is important not to mix the two sides together. Bringing emotions into the legal part of a divorce only makes the legal side longer and more painful.

It will never be possible to keep the legal and emotional sections of a divorce completely separated, but intermingling the hurt feelings, the betrayal or the anger surrounding the divorce could make it much harder to make important decisions. Someone who wants vindication because of an acrimonious split or someone who would be willing to give up anything to be back in a relationship with a soon-to-be-ex may not make the wisest decisions when it comes to a divorce settlement.

The legal and emotional aspects of your divorce are very real and there is no way you can have a successful divorce by focusing exclusively on one or the other. Working with an experienced divorce attorney, however, will make it easier to deal with both sides to your divorce.

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