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February 2012 Archives

Usher embroiled in Georgia child-custody modification battle

The world-renowned pop singer Usher got married in 2007. While he and his wife had two children, their marriage ended shortly thereafter and they filed for divorce in June 2009. The divorce was finalized in November 2009 and part of the final divorce judgment was a child custody and visitation arrangement in which Usher was awarded joint custody of his children. Now, Usher's ex-wife has filed for child custody modification with the Fulton County Superior Court.

Before you say 'I do,' let's have a financial discussion

Prenuptial agreements, or "prenups" aren't for everyone, but many people in Georgia may be surprised at how popular these family law agreements can be. It may seem that only the extremely wealthy should get prenups, but almost 33 percent of single people plan to ask their future husband or wife for a prenup. While these agreements may not seem romantic, they can go a long way to protect your assets in the case of a divorce.

You are cordially invited to our divorce celebration

Several famous couples have gotten divorced but have continued to work together and even be friends. Many Marietta residents may wonder how Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson, or Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are or were not only cordial with one another after their divorces, but friends. Some in the marriage and divorce professions, however, believe that it is easier to be friends with an ex as divorce becomes more acceptable.

Divorce: the legal and emotional side of things

Divorce can be similar to a business deal -- two parties are essentially severing a relationship and must divide assets and liabilities. But, in addition to this, the two parties must determine who will pay for child care, who will have custody of the children and what visitation schedules will be established, and other various things associated with divorce. Essentially, there is an emotional side to divorce and a legal side. Because of these two distinct aspects of divorce, it is important that a Georgia family law attorney provide customized divorce solutions to his or her clients.

Come out, come out, wherever you are: find your ex's missing money

Anyone going through a divorce in Georgia knows that splitting up the marital assets can be one of the most contentious and frustrating parts of the divorce. Trying to ensure that your ex is not hiding money and assets from you and that your settlement is actually an equitable division may be difficult, but Atlanta lawyers know how to find out what your ex is up to and preserve your rights to the marital assets.

The dangers of active social media and family law

You've just started the process of divorcing your spouse and you turn to your ever-present companion -- Facebook. While divorcing Marietta couples may wish to vent their frustrations, feelings of betrayal, anger or general depression to all their friends on Facebook, there is a growing trend of using Facebook and other social media as evidence in family law court.

Tips and tricks to make divorce easier

Divorce is an extremely emotional time in any man or woman's life. Whether you were the one to leave or the one that is being left, there are numerous feelings you are processing that make even the most stoic of Georgians not know what to do next. For many people in Marietta, the thought of dealing with the number of Georgia family law issues that come with divorce makes their heads spin, which is why it is so important to always work with legal professionals when filing for and finalizing a divorce.

Imprisoned for missing child support? Georgia parents file suit

Marietta parents want to provide for their children and often spend more than they should to ensure their children are well-cared for. When parents divorce, however, one parent is forced to pay child support. While most parents don't object to paying child support, it is sometimes difficult to afford the court-ordered payment and many parents need to reduce their child support payments. If the court refuses to modify the support order or the parent hasn't filed a request to modify, a Georgia court could find the parent in civil contempt and jail him or her.

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