Now that the holidays are over, many people in Marietta and across the country are thinking about leaving their husbands and wives, but there are several things that you should do before you even tell your soon-to-be former spouse that you want to end the marriage. A divorce can be extremely stressful and difficult for many people to go through, but working with an attorney that has considerable experience in front of Georgia divorce judges could help someone going through a divorce make it out without losing everything.

In order to make working with an attorney more beneficial for you and your eventual divorce settlement, it is important to listen to and follow the directions your divorce attorney gives you. While you may think that you know your husband or wife better than your lawyer, your attorney knows what is necessary to successfully bring your case to trial while protecting your share of assets.

It is also extremely important to be completely open and honest with your attorney. If you don’t tell your divorce lawyer about any role you may have played in the destruction of your marriage, he or she will be caught off-guard when it is brought up during a trial or negotiations. The more your attorney knows about you, the more likely he or she will come up with a way to minimize the impact of less-than-flattering information.

One of the most essential things anyone considering a divorce must do, however, is to secure financing. Before you even meet with a divorce attorney, make sure that you have copies of all relative documents, bank statements, and loan and debt information. Even if you don’t think your spouse would stoop so low as to hide important records, having your own copy of the information is still recommended. You will also need to ensure that you have a way to transfer half of your joint bank accounts prior to filing for divorce or risk a soon-to-be ex cutting you off from your own money.

While divorce can certainly be difficult, following some simple tips and working closely with a divorce lawyer will make the transition to the single life much easier.

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