Although the marriage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand may have caught the attention of the people of Georgia, their divorce may just be seen as yet another celebrity break up. After the Kardashian-Humphries split, short marriages seem to be en vogue in the entertainment world, but Perry and Brand’s divorce could shed some light on why everyday residents in Marietta decide to divorce.

One of the problems that drove Perry and Brand apart was a difference of opinion on personal goals. While Perry wanted to continue her music career, Brand was hoping to have children and start a more “traditional” family. It certainly didn’t help that Perry and Brand came from very different backgrounds and most likely had different ideas of what a marriage and family should be.

It is not at all uncommon for Georgian couples to go through the same dilemma. Many people enter a marriage thinking that some things about their partner will change over time. While you may be able to get your husband to stop going out with his friends every Friday night or get your wife to stop nagging you to buy “better” clothes, convincing a partner to have children after he or she never wanted them in the first place may be impossible. Sometimes marriages can’t work because a husband and wife can only think as individuals, not as a couple.

It seems that this pop princess and dark comedian skirted the issue of when to have children, much to their detriment. For 14 months, this couple piqued the interest of the people in Marietta, from their whirlwind romance to their large Indian wedding. In the end, however, it all boiled down to the erroneous belief that either one would change their mind on such an important topic.

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