Men and women across Marietta know just gets under their skin, but sometimes they aren’t aware what the “deal breakers” are in their marriages. What is something that is so serious, so critical that if you catch your spouse doing it you would file for divorce? For many people in Georgia and around the United States the answer is infidelity, but that is not what lead to the recent divorce of Heidi Klum and Seal.

The host of Project Runway and one of the most internationally-recognized supermodels has recently announced her decision to separate from her husband of seven years, the musician Seal. But, what caused this seemingly happy and loving family to break apart? According to The Huffington Post, it appears Seal’s temper and its effect on the children led to the split.

Klum’s deal breaker seems to have been Seal’s trouble controlling himself and his temper. It is unclear what was causing the singer’s anger, but Klum could no longer handle it. Klum also believed the outbursts were having an effect on their three children and her child from a previous relationship.

While anger can be a serious problem in a relationship, there are more common deal breakers. Women have reported divorcing their husbands because they lied and cheated, were too reluctant to spend money, and because they did not have plans for their lives. Men tended to break up with women because they no longer kept up their appearances, possessed a strong and independent personality, and because they were inflexible.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Heidi Klum And Seal Divorce Over This ‘Deal Breaker,’ What’s Yours?” Jan. 23, 2012